What is Beat the Street?

Beat the Street is an open-invitation street photography challenge.

The challenge involves capturing and creating images based on 5 topics which are given out the day the challenge begins. It is up to you to interpret these topics and turn them into images. Topics are announced via Instagram and by e-mail.

Each challenge lasts 1 month and all photographs must be captured, processed/edited and submitted during this time-frame.

To submit your entry into the challenge, upload it to Instagram with the hashtag '#btsTOPIC' - eg: #btsLEADINGLINES

There are no restrictions on number of entries, camera type, or colour vs black and white. 

In Person
Participating in Beat the Street  in person is easy.

Simply sign-up to be on the mail-out list to find out when/where the next event is happening and what the challenge topics are. Once you've got all the information, grab your gear and meet up on the day to join the photo walk.

In Person participation also includes having your images featured on the blog - only one image per topic may be submitted and images need to be submitted within one week of the meet up to be featured.


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