My 5 Favourite Landscapes from 2017

I’ll preface this quickly - I left this one sitting in my drafts by accident. For almost a year.

Throughout 2017, I photographed my way across 3 states in Australia and posted 141 images to my Instagram page. A few of these were taken at the end of 2016, however, they were all edited and posted in 2017. I chose to only include photographs that were captured on my DSLR, a Canon 5D Mk III, and put aside all of the images that came from rolls of film. 

5) Waterfall
This is a small and mostly overlooked fall that sits among several others above McKenzie Falls in the Grampians. What I like about this photograph is the way that the waterfall zigzags its way down the rocks and out towards the bottom of the frame. It was raining while I was here and that provided dark but even skies over the rocks to minimise distracting shadows. I used a polarising filter to eliminate glare and bright highlights in the water/rocks to make the waterfall 'pop' more.

4) Astrophotography
I love photographing the night sky because it always amazes me just how much a camera can see when you let it gather light over a long period of time. I'm fortunate enough to be in Central Australia through June/July when the Milky Way's core is visible in the night sky. This photograph is from Kings Canyon where I went stargazing with some students. It's a very simple image of a lone tree at a lookout with the Milky Way above it, but I like the way that the scale of the tree compared to the Milky Way core gives it such a false sense of grandeur by comparison.

Tree Milky Way.jpg

3) Mountains
I had a few photographs in mind for this, but the one that I kept coming back to is a photograph of one of my greatest friends, Dan, sitting on the 'Devil's Jaw' at about 6AM in the freezing cold... Because I asked him to come to sunrise with me. What I love about the image is that it reminds me of how far the Grampians ranges stretch out and the feeling of awe I had when I first saw them on a previous trip. The sense of scale is much more apparent with Dan sitting on that rock and the sun's glow rolling over the mountains was stunning.


2) Monochrome
I find that monochrome landscape photography forces me to look within a scene for shapes and contrast. There has to be something that draws the eye in. I had a lot of trouble choosing a favourite for this category, but ultimately, it had to be the Tenby Point Tree. It stands out so prominantely against the rest of the landscape and the wet wood catches the morning light to offer some guiding highlights.


1) Jetty/Pier
I photograph a lot of jetties - mostly because I spend so much time along the coast. I love finding jetties with character - be it condition, colour or shape. I discovered Shelley Beach through another photographer friend who posted an image of a small boathouse there and knew that it was a must-see location after some Google Earthing. This jetty is my favourite for it's strange shape and how peacefully isolated it is just before 6 in the morning when you arrive for sunrise. This was also the first photograph I ever sold as a print and what inspired me to make my own website.