Melbourne on Film

Recently, I paid a visit to Hillvale in Melbourne with some rolls of film from the last year to be developed and scanned. I have put together a selection of images from the haul. All of them are mostly unedited, save for a little cropping or a few colour corrections on a handful.

If it hasn't been made obvious yet, I love capturing Melbourne. Here it is... on film. Click images to view full screen.

120 Format:

Unfortunately, a lot of the images I had created on the 120 film were ruined by a light leak in the camera. It happens. On the plus side, it confirmed for me that Kodak T-MAX 400 is one of my favourite black and white films.

The majority of my time behind a film camera is spent shooting in 35mm.

A friend's recent trip to America resulted in me having a handful of rolls of Kodak Portra 400. It is easy to see why Portra is so popular; it produces beautiful colours and lends itself very well to all different types of images. A lot of my favourite images from below were shot slightly 'overexposed' according to the TTL metering of my camera (which I have some doubts about the accuracy of, at times).

When it comes to capturing for enjoyment, it is easy to lose sight of what to aim the camera at. A trick I tried using to avoid ending up with a completely random collection is to think about making small 'sets' of images.

Below, there are:

  • Cityscapes
  • Dingy vibes
  • Posed portraits
  • Umbrellas
  • Orange
  • Skateboarding
  • Pairs and pairs
  • Cute pooches
  • Stoic old men
  • Low-down (sitting/crouching)
  • On the job
  • Yellow
  • Cafe
  • Main Street
  • Yellow (pt 2)

And a few miscellaneous images that I liked to finish it off - including a double exposure. I can't work out how I accidentally shot that, given that the camera I was using doesn't have a double exposure feature.

And lastly, because my favourite thing to capture is landscapes, some waterfalls...