Beat the Street II.

Less than a month after I launched the first Beat the Street photography challenge, I found myself once again tying up the laces on the comfiest shoes I could find and hitting the pavement - camera in hand.

This time, I teamed up with three other photographers: Tyler Dunn, Jesse Wilkinson and, back for round two, Jesse Graham.

In response to the first Beat the Street, I had a lot of positive feedback and interest in participating and I am very thankful for everyone who has been in contact. I decided not to open Beat the Street II to more than a small handful of friends so that I could continue working on the behind the scenes aspect of this challenge. After the day of capturing images and using (forcing) the others as a soundboard, I am fairly confident that I have ironed out the nuts and bolts of building a friendly competition out of what was, originally, a way to hang out and explore photography with others.

I will post more on that in the coming weeks.

If you like the idea, would like to get involved or even just want to say 'hi', please use the Contact page to get in touch with me. For now - Beat the Street II.

In this Beat the Street, we upped the participants and reduced the topics. 4 photographers, 5 topics. 

Our meeting point was Flinders St Station under the clocks because... Melbourne... and convenient. From there, we set about the city with the same general rule as last time: try to avoid making conscious decisions about where to find images and allow ourselves to be guided by whatever stimulates the senses, whether it's a sound, a sight, a smell, etc. This proved to be quite interesting as we found our way inside a range of buildings and found compositions that we would normally not think about capturing.

Melbourne's weather forecast was looking promising. It was announced, courtesy of the weatherman, that it would be our last pleasant day for quite a while. This gave hope for busy streets full of interest worth capturing. What we were greeted with was quite the opposite and Melbourne was uncharacteristically quiet, making it hard to find those standout compositions with exciting subjects.

We had to make a conscious decision. We jumped on a tram and headed towards St. Kilda. Unfortunately, it failed to offer much more in terms of interest, but we did take advantage of a local football match to capture some images. Tyler and I finished the game on 1 touch each from the sidelines.

All in all, five hours outside with a camera in hand and good company is never a bad way to spend a day. The challenge topics that were selected were significantly harder and the conditions forced us to really work for our images. Having to create an 'homage' to another photographer or famous photograph required a lot more premeditation than we anticipated. I think we were lucky to come away successful today but, with a few reluctant submissions sneaking their way in, all of us are chasing redemption in Beat the Street III.

Same rules as before: we had to choose one final image per category from the day. Here they are in alphabetical order.
(Andrew, Jesse G, Jesse W, Tyler).

1) Leading Lines

2) Text

3) Out of Focus

4) Stop Staring/Stairing

5) Homage

Once again, this was a great day out capturing images. The topics that were selected provided an interesting challenge and have definitely inspired some re-shooting. Personally, I'm looking forward to taking the idea of an 'homage' back out onto the street and exploring how to capture images that reflect different styles of photography and different photographers. Trying to put yourself into the mind of someone else is an interesting learning experience to continue developing your eye for compositions - without seeing so much drone photography recently, I would not have thought to shoot down over a ledge at a staircase.

As always - please feel welcome to get in contact or express interest via Instagram or the contact page.

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